duminică, 21 august 2016

Mi-am luat-o

Dimineata de weekend.
Ma trezesc cu doi ochi mari si zulufii aurii.
- Mami, de ce sunt mastile alea pe perete?
- Pai pui, uite sunt masti venetiene, una e cu soarele si luna si cealalta e o fatza.
Si astea le poarta oamenii la o petrecere. (Si inchid repede ochii la loc incercand sa mai prind somnul de un picior)
Nemultumit de raspuns se duce la Vlad.
-Tati, ce e cu mastile alea?
- Pui, mai stii cand la "Bobita si Buburuza"au facut toti o petrecere si fiecare a avut cate un costum?erau la carnaval, asa-i? Eei uite, si oamenii fac asa o petrecere si poarta masti, ca cele de pe perete.
Mogaldel, pupandu-l pe Vlad, ii zice:
-Tati, tu esti mai destept decat mami!

Ma Sis

joi, 18 august 2016

So much better than my dreams!

"In a fair and far off country many centuries ago, a kind young King was married to a princess he loved so.
Together they lived happily until one day their nation's worst enemy would force the King to travel far away.
One night before he left, as he walked throughout the palace grounds, He tossed into a moonlit pool some pebbles that he had found.
As the lovely ripples widened from where the little pebbles fell; The King stood thinking quietly of the wife he loved so well.
And remembering the next day the surface he had seen, He had a gold ring made to fit the finger of the Queen.
"There is no Ending or Beginning to the circle on this band," The King said to his wife, as he slipped it on her hand.
"And that's why I have chosen this golden ring To be a pledge to you that my love will last through all Eternity."
And so, since then, a gold ring has been the symbol Of beauty, devotion, and the endlessness of Love.
May all the Love and Happiness you two have found together, Like the circle of the wedding band, go on and on forever."